I am a postdoctoral researcher studying the Humboldt or jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas in the laboratory of William Gilly.

We are investigating the behavioral patterns of this species in the ocean with tags. The tags are attached to the animals and record temperature and depth from the time of deployment. After a given interval, the tags pop off of the animal and float at the surface where they send a portion of the data to a satellite. If the tags are retrieved from the ocean, the full archived dataset can be utilized. We will be tagging squid in both Monterey Bay, California and the Gulf of California.

Collaborating with the aquarium we are attempting to design tanks that are less harmful to squid. Also we will attempt to rear Dosidicus gigas eggs if we can return them to the laboratory. We have successfully performed artificial fertilization from adults that were captured in the Gulf of California.

Before coming to the Gilly lab, I completed a post-doc at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (http://www.mbari.org/midwater). There I was working with Bruce Robison and the midwater ecology lab. Using remotely operated vehicles (ROV), we observed and collected jellyfish, squid, and fish from the deep sea.

Tissue samples were taken for nitrogen and carbon stable isotope analysis. The ratio of heavy/light isotopes of nitrogen and carbon can indicate trophic level and geographic origins of food sources. Using this chemical analysis we hope to enhance the current view of the food web of Monterey Bay. Also while there, we collaborated with Bill Gilly and Chuck Baxter to examine the oxygen metabolism of Dosidicus gigas as seen in the photos.

I obtained my Ph.D. from UCLA in June of 2003. In the laboratory of William Hamner, I studied the California Market squid, Loligo opalescens. We investigated the early life history of this species, focusing on the eggs, paralarvae (hatchlings), and the juveniles. For the juvenile study I determined the size and swimming speed in animals in the ocean without a frame of reference. There are videos of the juveniles available on the MBARI midwater website. Ultimately we were able to predict the size of the fishery 9 months in advance by taking a census of the paralarvae.

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Lou Zeidberg

email: lzeidberg at gmail dot com

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